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Custom Glow Getter Bundle

Mix and match to build your own Custom Glow Getter Bundle of four. Choose from four tasty flavours: versatile Unflavoured, fan-favourite Strawberry Watermelon, juicy Mixed Berry, and sweet-then-tart Passionfruit Mango.

Sachet Flavour #1

Sachet Flavour #2

Sachet Flavour #3

Sachet Flavour #4

Fast results

Scientifically proven

Irresistible flavour

Nothing artificial

Gluten, dairy & soy free


Ingredients that make a difference

15,000mg Collagen

15g of 100% grass-fed, pasture raised bovine collagen per serve

50mg Hyaluronic Acid

Alleviates dry skin and reduces the apperance of fine lines & wrinkles

80mg Vitamin C

Supports collagen health and skin apperance

50µg Biotin (Vitamin B7)

This B Vitamin helps to build skin 
and hair cells