Benefits of Taking Collagen as You Age: In Your 30s, 40s, 50s, and Beyond

Posted May 2024

Benefits of Taking Collagen as You Age: In Your 30s, 40s, 50s, and Beyond - The Collagen Co.

At what age do you benefit from collagen supplementation? 

Ha! That was actually a trick question (sorry). Contrary to popular belief, the “window of opportunity” to glean collagen peptides’ beauty and wellness benefits isn’t just a crack but more of a wide-open window.

All that to say, it’s never too early or too late to glow up with collagen

In fact, here’s a blow-by-blow description of what you could expect from taking collagen as you age, from your 30s to 40s to 50s and beyond.

In your 30s

To quickly get everyone on the same page, here’s a brief refresher on what collagen is; it’s the:

  • Most abundant protein in the human body
  • Main component of connective tissue (it gives firmness and elasticity to the skin, plus supports muscles, tendons, and bones)

Some unfortunate news: collagen production starts to dip in your body in your early 20s, decreasing about 1% yearly

Once you hit your 30s, you’d have lost ~10% (give or take) of your collagen. 

So, if you’ve looked in the mirror recently and noticed a loss of youthful bounce, the new appearance of fine lines, or a little sagging around the eyes, you know what to blame. Declining collagen levels. 

Enter hydrolyzed collagen peptides supplementation

These bioactive collagen peptides not only replenish your collagen stores but also encourage the proliferation of fibroblasts — cells responsible for making collagen — and convince them to upregulate collagen production. 

The result is, obviously, an increase in collagen levels, which revives your complexion to its former glory for smooth, firm, toned, and lit-from-within skin

A preview of what you could expect based on our (mightily satisfied) customers’ before-and-after collagen transformations:

Of course, in your 30s, pressing the “reset button” on your skin isn’t your only priority. There’s also living an active lifestyle, so you:

  • Can go on impromptu outdoor adventures with loved ones
  • Keep up with your children (human and/or fur babies!)
  • Lower your risk of several health conditions, including type 2 diabetes

And the crucial “ingredient” you’ll need to live a long, healthy, and vibrant life? 

Lean muscle mass

But, as you’re probably already all too familiar with, it’s challenging to hit the optimal daily protein intake of 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight needed to maximize muscle growth. Oh, if only there were an easily consumable protein form …

You know where this leads, don’t you? Yep. Hydrolyzed collagen powder. 

E.g., our Premium Collagen Peptides packaged in sachets. Tear, stir into your favorite beverage, enjoy, and bam — an additional 13.5 grams of muscle-growth-promoting protein in your system. It doesn’t get more convenient than that. 

In your 40s

Remember the part where we said your collagen production dips in your early 20s? 

Well, collagen loss picks up pace when you cross “the big 40”. That’s because the older you get, the more oxidative stress your body accumulates, and the more likely your collagen-producing fibroblasts get permanently damaged

This not only results in more exaggerated wrinkles and skin sagging but also, potentially, hair loss. 

Thankfully, hydrolyzed collagen peptides are as effective in your 40s as in your 30s. They’ll work their magic on your fibroblasts so they increase in numbers and activity, promoting skin plumpness while creating an optimal environment for your hair to flourish. 

In your 40s, it’s not just your skin and hair that have seen better days. 

It’s your joints, too, which may feel and sound like an un-oiled chain on a bicycle. your joints may feel and sound like an un-oiled chain on a bicycle. 

There are 2 things responsible for all that creaking and cracking:

  • Thinner cartilage (a strong, flexible connective tissue at the end of your bones; prevents bones from rubbing together when you use your joints)
  • Less lubricating fluid (scientific name: synovial fluid) inside your joints 

Remember what we said about collagen being the main component of connective tissue? 

Well, let’s get even more specific. Collagen makes up about 60% of the dry weight of cartilage. So, once again, by accumulating and stimulating fibroblast activity in the cartilage, hydrolyzed collagen peptide supplementation paves the way to well-padded, discomfort-free joints. 

If you’re a woman, stiff and inflexible joints aren’t the only reason to take collagen as you age into your 40s. 

There’s also the bombardment of hormone-related issues thanks to the looming ‘M’ word. Menopause. Waning estrogen levels during the transition to (and well into) menopause have been associated with hair loss, mood disturbances, osteoporosis, and weight gain. 

These are all symptoms collagen supplementation could help with. 

“Wait, really? How?” We cover the underlying mechanisms in detail in this article, Collagen: One Of The Best Natural Supplements For Menopause Support”.

For now, though, why not check out how our hydrolyzed collagen peptides have helped our customers achieve their hair and weight management goals?


In your 50s and 60s

Beyond lessening the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, plus restoring the *flick* in your hair, there are 3 other things hydrolyzed collagen peptides could do for you in your 50s and 60s. 

Your 50s and 60s bring about 3 primary issues that hydrolyzed collagen peptides could address.

#1: Enhance gum integrity Receding gums

The more birthdays you celebrate, the likelier you will experience gum recession (when your gum tissue pulls away from your teeth). 

A less “gummy” smile is the least of your concern here. 

Gum recession creates the perfect environment for disease-causing bacteria to build up, ultimately causing tooth loss if left untreated

Now, in a fortunate turn of events, your gum is made up of gingival fibers — connective tissue fibers primarily composed of type 1 collagen. Excitingly, a 2012 study found bovine collagen capable of enhancing gum integrity

#2: PromoteDecreased gut motility

Food moves through your gastrointestinal (GI) tract through peristalsis, which is powered by a layer of muscles in the digestive organs, such as the small intestine. 

The muscle behind the food contracts and “propels” the food forward while the muscle in front of the food relaxes to allow the food to move. 

Imaginably, the efficiency of this “food transport system” hinges on the elasticity of your GI tract. If everything’s stiff, food movement slows down, compromising the amount of nutrients your body absorbs. 

Just as with your skin, collagen supplementation could preserve the suppleness of your GI tract — ensuring your food gets to where it needs to be for optimal absorption. 

Find out how else collagen benefits gut health here

#3: Support a healthy immune systemAn aging immune system 

Beginning in your 60s, your immune system undergoes dramatic aging-related changes, including producing fewer immune cells, such as white blood cells. 

Good news: as a source of protein, collagen supplements provide the crucial building blocks (amino acids) your immune system needs to ramp up its production of antibodies whenever necessary. 

Taking collagen as you age: a very good idea

Given its multitude of benefits, from toning up your skin and body to offering menopausal symptom relief to supporting gut health, it’s clear that taking collagen as you age (no matter your current age) is a very good idea indeed. 

And if you’re looking for high-quality hydrolyzed collagen peptides delivered at clinically effective doses, look no further: The Collagen Co. Our Premium Collagen Peptides are always a safe bet. 

Or, if you have specific dietary or wellness needs, feel free to take our collagen quiz to find the perfect fit for you

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