Sugar Free Chocolate Cottage Cheese Tarts

Posted July 2023

Sugar Free Chocolate Cottage Cheese Tarts - The Collagen Co.


Get ready to fall in love with our Sugar Free Chocolate Cottage Cheese Tarts! The almond meal crust adds a nutty crunch, while the cheesecake filling delights with smoothness and rich cocoa flavours. Sweetened with monk fruit or stevia and boosted with collagen, these tarts are a delicious and nourishing treat. Savour every bite and feel fantastic inside and out!



1 and 1/4 cup almond meal

2 tbsp melted coconut oil or butter

1 and 1/2 tbsp arrowroot flour or corn flour

3-4 tbsp cold water, to bind

Cheesecake filling:

1 cup cottage cheese

3 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp arrowroot flour or corn flour

24 tbsp monk fruit sweetener or stevia

1 packet / 2 scoops collagen

1 egg



  1. Combine almond meal, arrowroot flour, butter and water in a bowl to form a dough. Then press into the base of 7 lightly greased muffin moulds to form a shell.
  2. Blend filling ingredients together until smooth then pour mixture into the shell
  3. Bake for 20-25 mins at 160°C. Allow them to cool before removing from moulds. Dust with cocoa powder, top with whipped cream and enjoy!



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